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Large Scale Sequence Analysis of Avian Influenza Isolates

Table S3. Human proteins determined to bind avian NS1 protein.

30 PDZ domains in 24 human proteins were found to bind to NS1 containing the ESEV motif. The domains are listed here with their accession numbers and functions (where known).

PDZ Domain Protein Accession
Mint-3-D1 X11L2 protein NP_958817
Mint-1-D1 X11 protein NP_000475
Dlg2-D2 Channel associated protein of synapse-110 (Chapsyn-110) NP_001355
LIMK2 Lim motif-containing protein kinase 2 NP_005560
OMP25 Mitochondrial outer membrane protein 25 NP_060843
hCLIM1 Human 36 kDa carboxyl terminal LIM domain protein NP_066272
RIL Reversion-induced LIM protein NP_003676
KIAA0300-D6 KIAA0300 protein BAA20760
LDB3 KIAA0613 protein BAA31588
PALS1-D3 Pals1-associated tight junction protein AAM28433
GRIP2-D6 KIAA1719 protein (glutamate receptor interacting protein) BAB21810
MAG13-D2 Membrane associated guanylate kinase-related NP_690864
MAG13-D6 Membrane associated guanylate kinase-related NP_690864
BA11-D2 Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor associated protein NP_004733
BA11-D3 Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor associated protein NP_004733
AIP1-D4 Atrophin-1 interacting protein NP_036433
AIP1-D6 Atrophin-1 interacting protein NP_036433
GRIP1-D4 GRIP1 protein CAB39895
SCRIB1-D1 Scribble NP_056171
SCRIB1-D2 Scribble NP_056171
SCRIB1-D4 Scribble NP_056171
PARD3-D3 Partitioning-defective protein 3 homolog; atypical PKC NP_062565
TIP1 Tax interacting protein 1 NP_055419
MUPPT-D13 Multiple PDZ domain protein NP_003820
DLG3-D2 Synapse-associated protein 102 NP_066943
DLG3-D3 Synapse-associated protein 102 NP_066943
DLG2-D3 Channel-associated protein of synapse-110 (Chapsyn-110) NP_001355
LIN7C Lin-7 homolog C NP_060832
GEF12 Rho guanine exchange factor 12 NP_056128
SNA1 Acidic alpha 1 syntrophin NP_003089