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Supplementary Information

Gene Expression Profiling of Pediatric Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Section V. Outcome Analysis

Evaluation of relapse genes identified by Yagi et. al. on this dataset

Recently Yagi et. al utilized the students t-test to isolate a gene expression profile which apparently correlated with prognosis (no remission or relapse in less than 1 year vs. complete response for more than 3 years). 13 When an additional 36 cases were added, hierarchical clustering separated the cases into good prognosis and poor prognosis groups.  Utilizing HG-U95 to HG-U133 Best Match table available on the Affymetrix website, HG-U133 probe sets were identified for the 35 genes listed in Table 2 of Yagi et.al.. When applied to the 98 cases of our dataset with adequate time to follow-up, resulting clusters did not correlate with prognosis and resulting Kaplan-Meier curves were not different.