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Supplementary Information

Gene Expression Profiling of Pediatric Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Section III: Genetic Subtype Discriminating Genes

Figure S1. Unsupervised Heirarchical clustering

Figure 1

Figure S1. Characteristics of AML cases clustered in Figure 1, and associated similarity plot. (A) The dendogram generated in Figure 1 is reproduced in this figure with the sample number, genetic lesion and FAB morphology indicated next to each case. (B) To further assess the relationship both within and between leukemia subtypes, the expression data for all of the cases were analyzed by pair wise comparisons. The data is displayed using a two-dimensional plot in which similarities are plotted using a scale that is based on Pearson correlation coefficients calculated for pair wise comparisons using the expression data for the 16,608 genes that passed the variation filter. The degree of similarity between cases is displayed using the blue color-scale at bottom of figure. The leukemia subtypes are organized identically to their distribution in the dendogram shown in panel A and are color coded as noted in the Key.