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Supplementary Information

Gene Expression Profiling of Pediatric Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Section III. Genetic Subtype Discriminating Genes

The following tables contain a listing of the top 100 probe sets for each diagnostic subgroup ranked by their SAM scores (Tables S7-S14). Each table contains the Affymetrix U133 series probe set number, a gene description, gene symbol, chromosomal location, primary GenBank reference, and UniGene reference as provided on the Affymetrix website ( December 15, 2003 update). SAM scores were calculated utilizing only the samples in the training set (Tables S7-S11) or the whole dataset (Tables S12 and S13). Fold change was calculated using the entire data set, and comparing the mean signal value in the subgroup to the mean signal value in the non-subgroup.