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Supplementary Information

Gene Expression Profiling of Pediatric Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Section I: Patient Datasets

Table S4. Additional T-ALL samples with MLL gene rearrangements

Case identifiera subtypeb Translocationc Sampled % blastse
T-ALL#11 T-ALL, MLL t(11;15)(q23;q15) BM 73
T-ALL#12 T-ALL, MLL t(11;19) MLL-ENL PB 92
T-ALL#13 T-ALL, MLL t(11;19) MLL-ENL PB 97
T-ALL#14 T-ALL, MLL t(11;19) MLL-ENL PB 98
T-ALL-C20* T-ALL, MLL t(11;19) MLL-ENL BM 98

aall samples were bone marrow aspirates obtained at the time of diagnosis of de novo AML
btranslocation as determined by at least two tests: cytogenetics, FISH, and/or RT-PCR
cadditional cytogenetic and molecular information
dsample obtained where BM = bone marrow; PB = peripheral blood
*this sample is part of the ALL dataset previously published in Blood 1 . It is listed here to present information regarding MLL-ENL translocation.