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Supplementary Information

Identification of genes associated with chemotherapy cross-resistance and treatment response in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Supplemental Figure 7: Hierarchical clustering using ALL subtype adjusted genes that discriminate VCR-ASP discordant resistance.

40 gene probe sets in rows with P<0.0008 discriminating VCR-sensitive plus ASP-resistant (blue, n=42) and VCR-resistant plus ASP-sensitive (orange, n=34) ALL cells in columns adjusted for TEL-AML1 and hyperdiploidy. Probe set ID, gene name and gene symbol (GS) are listed. The genes involved in protein biosynthesis (n=22) are highlighted with a magenta colored box. The heat map indicates high (red) or low (green) level of expression relative to scale shown. Notably, genes expressed at a low level commonly change by more than 2-fold whereas genes that are expressed at high levels typically change by less than 2-fold. ALL VCR-ASP discordant resistance genes related to protein synthesis are expressed at a relatively high level.

Figure 7

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