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Supplementary Information

Identification of genes associated with chemotherapy cross-resistance and treatment response in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Supplemental Figure 6: Hierarchical clustering of ALL patients using genes discriminating cross-resistance and VCR-ASP discordant resistance.

A. Hierarchical clustering of cross-resistant (red dots, n=29) and cross-sensitive (blue dots, n=38) patients using genes discriminating cross-resistance. Listed for each patient are gender (sex), age and white blood cell count at diagnosis (WBC) and ALL subtype colored in green TEL-AML1-positive and in blue hyperdiploid (HD) ALL.

B. Hierarchical clustering of VCR-sensitive plus ASP-resistant (blue dots, n=42) patients and VCR-resistant plus ASP-sensitive (orange dots, n=34) patients using genes discriminating VCR-ASP discordance resistance.

C. Hierarchical clustering branch of patients using ALL subtype adjusted gene expression of VCR-ASP discriminating genes.

Figure 6

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