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Supplementary Information

Gene-expression patterns in drug resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells and response to treatment.

Supplemental Table 1: LC50 values for classification of resistant and sensitive ALL for each chemotherapeutic agent.

LC50 by MTT as described in Pieters and Kaspers et al1,2. Classification based on LC50-values previously associated with treatment outcome, as described in den Boer et al3.

Drug Sensistive Resistant
Prednisolone ≤ 0.100μg/ml ≥ 150μg/ml
Vincristine ≤ 0.391μg/ml ≥ 1.758μg/ml
Asparaginase ≤ 0.033IU/ml ≥ 0.912IU/ml
Daunorubicin ≤ 0.075μg/ml ≥ 0.114μg/ml

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