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Supplementary Information

Gene-expression patterns in drug resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells and response to treatment.

Supplemental Figure 3 : Supervised hierarchical clustering discriminating drug resistant and drug sensitive ALL patients (B- and T-lineage ALL).

Figure 3

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Genes that were significant (P=0.001) by both Wilcoxon rank sum test and t-test, were used for hierarchical clustering of all 173 patients, according to sensitivity to prednisolone (PRED), vincristine (VCR), asparaginase (ASP) and daunorubicin (DNR). Each column represents an ALL sample, labeled according to drug sensitivity (red= resistant, green= sensitive) and each row depicts a gene probe set. The heat maps indicate high (red) or low (green) levels of expression relative to the mean, according to the scale shown Fig 2. For PRED, 32 significant probe sets (26 genes, 6 ESTs), for VCR 54 probe sets (37 genes, 12 ESTs), for ASP 52 probe sets (35 genes, 14 ESTs) and for DNR 15 probe sets (13 genes, 2 ESTs) were found to significantly discriminate resistant from sensitive ALL samples.

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