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Supplementary Information

Gene-expression patterns in drug resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells and response to treatment.

Supplemental Figure 1: Unsupervised hierarchical clustering discriminating drug resistant and drug sensitive ALL patients.

Figure 1

Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of 173 patients was performed using 14,550 probe sets. Age (red= >10 years), white blood cell count (WBC, red= >100 x109/L), genetic or lineage subtype (see legend) and the combined drug resistance gene expression (GE) score for prednisolone, vincristine, asparaginase and daunorubicin are shown for each patient (high/resistant in red= GE score>5.58 and low/sensitive green= GE score<4.70). Unsupervised clustering is largely driven by ALL subtype, e.g., T- and B-lineage ALL. None of the other known prognostic features (patient age, WBC) clustered in an unsupervised analysis, as was also the case for the drug resistance gene expression score. Figure 1. Legend
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