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Supplementary Information

Data Files

Below are Excel files containing the complete expression data and A/P calls for this study. Due to the large size of these files, we have divided them up into the six diagnostic groups (BCR-ABL, E2A-PBX1, Hyperdiploid >50, MLL, T-ALL, TEL-AML1), and two additional files, one that contains diagnostic samples that did not fit into one of the above groups, and one that contains cases that were added for the analysis of relapse and secondary AML, as indicated on page 18 in the Supplemental Data.

BCR-ABL [xls, 7.5 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 2.3 Mb] [FTP]
E2A-PBX1 [xls, 11.7 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 3.6 Mb] [FTP]
Hyperdiploid >50 [xls, 24.6 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 7.7 Mb] [FTP]
MLL [xls, 9.2 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 2.9 Mb] [FTP]
T-ALL [xls, 17.2 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 5.4 Mb] [FTP]
TEL-AML1 [xls, 29.8 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 9.4 Mb] [FTP]
Additional diagnostic cases [xls, 29.8 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 9.4 Mb] [FTP]
Dx of patients that relapse or develop secondary AML [xls, 5.1 Mb] [FTP] [zip, 1.5 Mb] [FTP]