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Rivas Lab Group

(L to R): Victor Hadi, Katsuhiko Mitachi, Fatima Rivas, Bo Zhai, Taotao Ling and Stacey Davis

Rivas Lab: About Us

Research in the Rivas Laboratory focuses on the field of natural product synthesis with an emphasis on the development of catalytic asymmetric methods that facilitate the construction of complex molecules of promising pediatric therapeutic value. Lead discovery for the treatment of pediatric malignancies, particularly glucocorticoid resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are amongst our priorities. We narrow on strategic bond disconnections promoted enzymatically in nature, which remain inaccessible enantioselectively using modern synthetic methodologies. Current areas of research in the Rivas laboratory include total synthesis of sesquiterpenoids, alkaloids, and the development of catalytic systems for enantioselective electrophilic halogenation. In parallel, our laboratory has an ongoing research program in the area of bioactive-guided terrestrial natural product isolation and chemical structure elucidation. Our research integrates the critical areas of synthetic method development, total synthesis and medicinal chemistry.