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PotterLab Group

(From L to R): Jason Hatfield, Janice Hyatt, Monica Wierdl, Adrian Stewart,
Philip Potter, Maha Bano, Liying Fan, Lyudmila Tsurkan, Carol Edwards

Potter Lab: About Us

Research in the Potter lab has three major goals: Firstly, to develop novel approaches for the treatment of metastatic disease by selective prodrug activation at tumor sites in vivo; secondly, to generate small molecules that can modulate drug metabolism, with the ultimate goal of reducing non-specific toxicity; and finally, to identify the mechanism of cytotoxicity of a class of compounds that alter RNA splicing. As such, we design, validate and implement a wide array of techniques and methodology, ranging from in vitro biochemistry to clinically relevant in vivo models. In addition, the members of the lab are experienced in numerous different disciplines including inorganic and organic chemistry, molecular biology, protein purification and viral delivery systems. Our ultimate goal is to improve the efficacy of conventional chemotherapy while minimizing the non-specific toxicity associated with such agents.