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Moldoveanu Lab: About Us

Welcome to the lab of Tudor Moldoveanu, PhD

Moldoveanu Lab Group

Left to Right: Geetika Singh, Tudor Moldoveanu, Michala Tesney (former), Grace Royappa, Cristina Guibao, Janet Zheng

Summary of accomplishments during the last 5 years

I joined St. Jude in the year 2006 as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Douglas Green, Department of Immunology. In 2014, I was hired internally as a research associate in the Departments of Structural Biology and Chemical Biology and Therapeutics. My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of programmed cell death (PCD) during health and disease. Specifically, I am studying the role of the B cell lymphoma 2 (BCL-2) family of proteins (hereafter BCL-2 proteins) in regulating mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization (MOMP) and apoptosis, and investigating how the necrosome regulates plasma membrane rupture and necroptosis. Our insights will clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying these PCD pathways and facilitate the discovery and design of PCD small-molecule chemical probes for cancer biology research (Figure 1). Our most promising lead chemical probes could also be developed as novel therapeutics to manipulate PCD in pediatric oncology. My goal is to build a premier laboratory in the PCD field with a focus on eradicating pediatric cancers.   

Apoptotic and Necroptotic cells

Figure 1. Research focus of the Moldoveanu laboratory. Our laboratory studies the initiation of apoptosis by BCL-2 proteins-mediated MOMP and the execution of necroptosis by necrosome-mediated membrane rupture (MeRu). Both processes involve biological membrane permeabilization events that are not well understood but are likely amenable to direct pharmacologic modulation.

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