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(back row): Jing Wu; Alexa Tenga; Jordan Beard; Yueming Wang; Taosheng Chen;
Monimoy Banerjee; Colins Eno; Wenwei Lin; Eric Dong;
(front row): Jonathan Low; Su Sien Ong; Ayesha Elias; Dilera Robbins; Milu Cherian;
Asli Goktug; Apana Takwi; Ray Hefner; Sergio Chai

Chen Lab: About Us

Research activities in the Chen laboratory focus on 2 areas involving the regulation of transcription factors: regulation of pregnane X receptor (PXR) in drug metabolism and drug resistance; and regulation of PAX3-FKHR in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (ARMS). We strive toward the discovery and development of novel pharmacological tools and therapeutic agents to help in the attenuation of adverse drug responses, prevention of drug resistance and treatment of cancer. Our major technological focuses are on laboratory automation, assay development, high-throughput screening (HTS), high-content screening (HCS), and genome-wide RNAi technology.